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Institutions and positions
University of Tartu, Faculty of Science and Technology, Institute of Technology, Senior Research Fellow in Plant Biology (1,00)
Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg, Centre for Organismal Studies, Heidelberg, Germany, Research Associate and Junior Principle Investigator (40,00)
University of California San Diego, Division of Biological Sciences, La Jolla, USA, Research Associate (40,00)
Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Botanical Institute, Münster, Germany, Research Associate (40,00)
Diploma in Biology


Honours & awards
2010, Rainer Waadt, Feodor Lynen Research Fellowship of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
Fields of research
ETIS CLASSIFICATION: 1. Biosciences and Environment; 1.12. Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Biophysics and Economic and Technological Research relating to Bio- and Environmental Sciences; CERCS CLASSIFICATION: T490 Biotechnology ; SPECIFICATION: Plant molecular and cell biology


Töökohad ja ametid
Tartu Ülikool, Loodus- ja täppisteaduste valdkond, tehnoloogiainstituut, taimebioloogia vanemteadur (1,00)
Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg, Centre for Organismal Studies, Heidelberg, Germany, Nooremteadur (40,00)
University of California San Diego, Division of Biological Sciences, La Jolla, USA, Järeldoktor (40,00)
Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Botanical Institute, Münster, Germany, Järeldoktor (40,00)


Teaduspreemiad ja tunnustused
2010, Rainer Waadt, Feodor Lynen Research Fellowship of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
Teadustöö põhisuunad
ETIS KLASSIFIKAATOR: 1. Bio- ja keskkonnateadused; 1.12. Bio- ja keskkonnateadustega seotud uuringud, näiteks biotehnoloogia, molekulaarbioloogia, rakubioloogia, biofüüsika, majandus- ja tehnoloogiauuringud; CERCS KLASSIFIKAATOR: T490 Biotehnoloogia ; TÄPSUSTUS: Plant molecular and cell biology

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PublicationAuthorsYearEdition titleClassificationFileR&D institutions
Modulation of ABA responses by the protein kinase WNK8Waadt, Rainer; Jawurek, Esther; Hashimoto, Kenji; Li, Yan; Scholz, Martin; Krebs, Melanie; Czap, Gereon; Hong-Hermesdorf, Anne; Hippler, Michael; Grill, Erwin; Kudla, Joerg; Schumacher, Karin2019FEBS Letters1.1.
Wounding-Induced Stomatal Closure Requires Jasmonate-Mediated Activation of GORK K+ Channels by a Ca2+ Sensor-Kinase CBL1-CIPK5 ComplexFoetster, Sabrina; Schmidt, Lena K.; Kopic, Eva; Anschuetz, Uta; Huang, Shouguang; Schluecking, Kathrin; Koester, Philipp; Waadt, Rainer; Larrieu, Antoine; Batistic, Oliver; Rodriguez, Pedro L.; Grill, Erwin; Kudla, Joerg; Becker, Dirk2019Developmental Cell1.1.
Sulfate is Incorporated into Cysteine to Trigger ABA Production and Stomatal ClosureBatool, Sundas; Uslu, Veli Vural; Rajab, Hala; Ahmad, Nisar; Waadt, Rainer; Geiger, Dietmar; Malagoli, Mario; Xiang, Cheng-Bin; Hedrich, Rainer; Rennenberg, Heinz; Herschbach, Cornelia; Hell, Ruediger; Wirtz, Markus2018The Plant Cell1.1.
Genetically Encoded Biosensors in Plants: Pathways to DiscoveryWalia, Ankit; Waadt, Rainer; Jones, Alexander M.2018ANNUAL REVIEW OF PLANT BIOLOGY, VOL 693.1.
Multiparameter imaging of calcium and abscisic acid and high-resolution quantitative calcium measurements using R-GECO1-mTurquoise in ArabidopsisWaadt, Rainer; Krebs, Melanie; Kudla, Joerg; Schumacher, Karin2017New Phytologist1.1.
SnapShot: Abscisic Acid SignalingHauser, Felix; Li, Zixing; Waadt, Rainer; Schroeder, Julian I.2017Cell6.8.
Release of GTP Exchange Factor Mediated Down-Regulation of Abscisic Acid Signal Transduction through ABA-Induced Rapid Degradation of RopGEFsLi, Zixing; Waadt, Rainer; Schroeder, Julian I.2016PLoS Biology1.1.
Abscisic acid and other plant hormones: Methods to visualize distribution and signalingWaadt, Rainer; Hsu, Po-Kai; Schroeder, Julian I.2015BioEssays1.1.
Calcium specificity signaling mechanisms in abscisic acid signal transduction in Arabidopsis guard cellsBrandt, Benjamin; Munemasa, Shintaro; Wang, Cun; Desiree Nguyen; Yong, Taiming; Yang, Paul G.; Poretsky, Elly; Belknap, Thomas F.; Waadt, Rainer; Aleman, Fernando; Schroeder, Julian I.2015eLife1.1.
Cytosolic Ca2+ Signals Enhance the Vacuolar Ion Conductivity of Bulging Arabidopsis Root Hair CellsWang, Yi; Dindas, Julian; Ller, Florian Rienmu; Krebs, Melanie; Waadt, Rainer; Schumacher, Karin; Wu, Wei-Hua; Hedrich, Rainer; Roelfsema, M. Rob G.2015Molecular Plant1.1.
Identification of Open Stomatal-Interacting Proteins Reveals Interactions with Sucrose Non-fermenting1-Related Protein Kinases2 and with Type 2A Protein Phosphatases That Function in Abscisic Acid ResponsesWaadt, Rainer; Manalansan, Bianca; Rauniyar, Navin; Munemasa, Shintaro; Booker, Matthew A.; Brandt, Benjamin; Waadt, Christian; Nusinow, Dmitri A.; Kay, Steve A.; Kunz, Hans-Henning; Schumacher, Karin; DeLong, Alison; Yates, John R., III; Schroeder, Julian I.2015PLANT PHYSIOLOGY1.1.
Live Cell Imaging with R-GECO1 Sheds Light on flg22-and Chitin-Induced Transient [Ca2+](cyt) Patterns in ArabidopsisKeinath, Nana F.; Waadt, Rainer; Brugman, Rik; Schroeder, Julian I.; Grossmann, Guido; Schumacher, Karin; Krebs, Melanie2015Molecular Plant1.1.
Mechanisms of abscisic acid-mediated control of stomata! apertureMunemasa, Shintaro; Hauser, Felix; Park, Jiyoung; Waadt, Rainer; Brandt, Benjamin; Schroeder, Julian I.2015Current Opinion in Plant Biology1.1.
Visualization and translocation of ternary Calcineurin-A/Calcineurin-B/Calmodulin-2 protein complexes by dual-color trimolecular fluorescence complementationOffenborn, Jan Niklas; Waadt, Rainer; Kudla, Joerg2015New Phytologist1.1.
PLANT HORMONES On-the-spot reportingWaadt, Rainer2015Nature Plants6.8.
FRET-based reporters for the direct visualization of abscisic acid concentration changes and distribution in ArabidopsisWaadt, Rainer; Hitomi, Kenichi; Nishimura, Noriyuki; Hitomi, Chiharu; Adams, Stephen R.; Getzoff, Elizabeth D.; Schroeder, Julian I.2014eLife1.1.
Protein Fragment Bimolecular Fluorescence Complementation Analyses for the In vivo Study of Protein-Protein Interactions and Cellular Protein Complex LocalizationsWaadt, Rainer; Schluecking, Kathrin; Schroeder, Julian I.; Kudla, Joerg2014ARABIDOPSIS PROTOCOLS, 3RD EDITION3.1.
A New -Estradiol-Inducible Vector Set that Facilitates Easy Construction and Efficient Expression of Transgenes Reveals CBL3-Dependent Cytoplasm to Tonoplast Translocation of CIPK5Schluecking, Kathrin; Edel, Kai H.; Drerup, Maria M.; Koester, Philipp; Eckert, Christian; Steinhorst, Leonie; Waadt, Rainer; Batistic, Oliver; Kudla, Joerg2013Molecular Plant1.1.
Phosphorylation of Calcineurin B-like (CBL) Calcium Sensor Proteins by Their CBL-interacting Protein Kinases (CIPKs) Is Required for Full Activity of CBL-CIPK Complexes toward Their Target ProteinsHashimoto, Kenji; Eckert, Christian; Anschuetz, Uta; Scholz, Martin; Held, Katrin; Waadt, Rainer; Reyer, Antonella; Hippler, Michael; Becker, Dirk; Kudla, Joerg2012Journal of Biological Chemistry1.1.
CBL-mediated targeting of CIPKs facilitates the decoding of calcium signals emanating from distinct cellular storesBatistic, Oliver; Waadt, Rainer; Steinhorst, Leonie; Held, Katrin; Kudla, Joerg2010The Plant Journal1.1.
New GATEWAY vectors for High Throughput Analyses of Protein-Protein Interactions by Bimolecular Fluorescence ComplementationGehl, Christian; Waadt, Rainer; Kudla, Joerg; Mendel, Ralf-R.; Haensch, Robert2009Molecular Plant1.1.
Multicolor bimolecular fluorescence complementation reveals simultaneous formation of alternative CBL/CIPK complexes in plantaWaadt, Rainer; Schmidt, Lena K.; Lohse, Marc; Hashimoto, Kenji; Bock, Ralph; Kudla, Joerg2008The Plant Journal1.1.
The calcium sensor CBL10 mediates salt tolerance by regulating ion homeostasis in ArabidopsisKim, Beom-Gi; Waadt, Rainer; Cheong, Yong Hwa; Pandey, Girdhar K.; Dominguez-Solis, Jose R.; Schueltke, Stefanie; Lee, Sung Chul; Kudla, Joerg; Luan, Sheng2007The Plant Journal1.1.