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(Feromagnētiskais sorbents (in Latvian)
Patentne leiutis: (Feromagnētiskais sorbents (in Latvian); Omanikud: -; Autorid: Andrei Shishkin, Mironovs Viktors, Janis Baroninš, Treijs Juris; Prioriteedi number: LV 14820 B; Prioriteedi kuupäev: 20.06.2014.
Patentne leiutis
(Feromagnētiskais sorbents (in Latvian)
Ferromagnetic sorbent
The invention relates to the field of materials science, in particular to sorbents with ferromagnetic properties for oil spill response. It can be used in mechanical engineering, metallurgy and chemical technologies. Proposed sorbent with ferromagnetic properties is made in the form of closed hollow capsules. In this case, the capsule can be spherical, elliptical, cylindrical or other shape. Surface of the capsule can be smooth, rough, or with protuberance located on the outside or the inside surface. Capsule wall can be impenetrable, or with a given porosity. Moreover, protuberances can have the same porosity of the wall of the capsule, or be satisfied with a different porosity.; The capsules of proposed sorbent can be treated by oleophilic composition. that allows to clean efficiently and safely the surface contaminated with oil products by distributing on the surface with a mechanical device or compressed air. Due to the increased buoyancy, the hollow capsules can be long enough on the water surface. Due to the forces of adhesion, they seize and hold the oil products on the surface. Sorbent together with oil can be removed from environment by means of magnetic or electromagnetic receiver. The invention also extends the scope of the sorbent use due to possibility of purification of waste water contaminated with metals.
  • Riga Technical University
LV 14820 B
Euroopa (ECLA)
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